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What do psychological professionals do?

Infant mental health
this involves supporting staff and families to think about the emotional and wellbeing impact of a neonatal admission on the baby. They would also work with colleagues to think about how to lower stress and distress to the infant. This might include developmental care and family integrated care practices
Parent-infant relationship
this involves helping parents to understand their infants needs and parents role in supporting their baby(ies) emotional needs. This might involve observing their baby, supporting kangaroo care, talking for their infant and holding them in mind, even during challenging times
Parental wellbeing and support
often this is helping parents make sense of their experiences and understand that everyone struggles when their baby is in hospital. Psychological professionals also help parents to manage the impact of the admission on them and their families. Psychological practitioners are also experts in mental health and can support parents to manage their mental health, including connecting up with other specialist support when needed.
Supporting siblings and wider family
admission of a baby impacts the whole family and can cause worry and distress. Psychological practitioners can support indirectly (e.g. through the baby’s parents) or may be able to support or refer family members for support
Support for staff, team and unit culture
staff also experience a wide range of emotional responses to their work. Psychological practitioners support staff all the time, and when they are struggling, which can help them have more headspace to do their job
Psychologically informed environments
psychological staff work with leaders and with the whole team towards the development of environments where all care is given with wellbeing and emotional health in mind.

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