parents and staff about neonatal care across london

Welcome to the London Neonatal Network, we are an NHS organisation whose primary role is to coordinate care for premature babies across the network of London hospitals. Our official title is the London Neonatal Operational Delivery Network (ODN),

We ensure that babies are being looked after in the right hospital and at the right time for their babies care. We ensure the best access to high quality specialist neonatal services. Having a baby in neonatal care is naturally worrying for parents  and we aim to give you all the information and support you need on this website. If you do not find the information you require to a specific question please contact us.

Our role extends to educating healthcare professionals in best practices and new developments. We coordinate shared resources and knowledge across the network.

Explore a large resource of helpful information about neonatal care for Parents and Families

Resources and reporting for all our multidisciplinary teams across London as well as details of our courses.

Our Network of London Neonatal Units

The London Neonatal ODN shares knowledge from 27 units across London, their clinicians, professionals and parent representatives to ensure appropriate care is received by babies and their families across the network.

If you would like to view our units on a London map please see here