Parents and Families

Congratulations on the birth of your baby or babies. It is likely that you are experiencing a huge number of emotions right now, along with recovering from your delivery and becoming a parent for the first time, or again.  

The neonatal unit can be a daunting and sometimes scary environment and it is likely that you were not prepared to be spending time here with your new baby. Please know that you are not alone. Following birth, 1 in 7 (reference) babies born in the UK require admission to a neonatal unit and there are lots of people and resources around to support you during this time. For information about supporting yourself and your baby, please click the link to our ‘Coping with a Neonatal Admission’ page. 

The parent pages on this website have been written in partnership with neonatal parents and healthcare professionals to provide you with information that we hope will be helpful during your neonatal journey.