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What is the London Neonatal Parent Advisory Group?

The London Neonatal Parent Advisory Group (PAG) is made up of parents, carers and family members that have experienced neonatal care in London. The aim is to advise, improve and developments in healthcare and ensure the best possible outcomes for babies and families.

The group is facilitated by the PAG Chair, Jade, who has lived experience of neonatal care as a parent. The PAG Chair and group are supported by the Care Coordinator team and the Psychology Lead.

The PAG group sits within an organisation called the London Neonatal Operating Delivery Network (sometimes known as the London Neonatal Network or London Neonatal ODN). The ODN is a formal structure in which our hospital Trusts, commissioners and patients work together

Your voice is so important in leading change of in neonatal care at the London ODN, we are actively recruiting to our PAG to capture the voices of London’s wide and diverse population, bring together these voices and to collaborate with neonatal healthcare professionals and network leads. More information about the London Neonatal ODN can be found via this link About Us.

If you are interested in either joining the London PAG or sharing your experiences, please complete the web form and one of our team will be in touch with you.

We recommend a minimum of at least 1 year has passed from your discharge from neonatal care. We ask this because we know that a neonatal admission can have a huge impact on you and your baby and we want you to have time to recover and make sense of it first. We are really open to conversations with you about when you are ready to be involved.

Parents Feedback

This form can be used if you want to tell us about your experiences in neonates. We are interested to hear these so we can learn from them and improve the care.

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