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Croydon University Hospital

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

Ground Floor, Maternity Unit

Woodcroft Wing,

530 London Road,

Thornton Heath,

London CY7 7YE

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Key Contacts for Parents

Lead Consultant Amy Douthwaite
Senior/Lead Nurse N/A
Matron Caroline Nyawira
Parent /Family Liaison Contact Caroline Nyawira
Main Hospital and extension 020 8401 3191
Unit Contact Number 020 8401 3191

Parent support group

Peer support is facilitated monthly through the coffee mornings organized jointly with Ickle Pickles Charity

Unit Facilities

We have 2 rooming in rooms, a family lounge, expressing room and a confidential space for updates and meeting with the clinical pychologists

Unit Services

Level 2 service that provides short-term intensive care services. Total of 22 cots (4 IUT, 5HDU, 1SCU), 8 transitional Care


Our neonatal unit’s visiting policy is designed to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our vulnerable patients while allowing for necessary family engagement and support. Therefore, we have implemented an open policy towards parental access to their babies. We recognise the importance of parental involvement in the care of their newborns and understand that it plays a crucial role in fostering positive outcomes for both infants and their families. Our neonatal unit’s visiting guidance embraces the principles of family-centered care.
Grandparents, siblings, and friends visiting the neonatal unit can have a positive impact on both the parents and the baby. It is important to recognise the value of involving extended family members and friends in the neonatal unit visiting process. Their presence can offer additional support, comfort, and encouragement to the parents during what can be a highly stressful and emotional time.
Not only do grandparents, siblings, and friends bring love and emotional support to the parents, but their presence also helps create a sense of community and connection within the neonatal unit. This connection is essential for the well-being of both the parents and the baby.
• Parents and nominated support partners can access their baby together without restrictions 24/7 and are not considered visitors but equal partners in their baby’s care.
• All other visitors can visit daily between 1500-1700 and 10-12 on weekends – only two people will be allowed at the cot side, one of whom should be a parent or the nominated support person. Children must be supervised at all times, and visitors should respect the privacy of other babies and families in the unit
• Please inform the nurse looking after your baby if you plan to bring visitors to the unit outside of the visiting hours, as we know all families have individual needs
• During high activity and clinical emergencies, we may restrict visiting or ask visitors to sit in the waiting area due to the limited space in the unit.
• Please remember to follow the Infection, Prevention, and Control measures such as handwashing and removing your coat before entering the clinical areas
• For the safety of all babies, all visitors must report to the neonatal receptionist, a nurse, or a doctor before entering the clinical areas
• Please note that this guidance is regularly reviewed by the neonatal team and the infection control team and may be changed to keep all babies safe
• If you have any concerns or questions about the visiting guidance, please speak to any nurse, doctor, or the Neonatal Matron

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Travel Information

Public transport
By rail
Situated in Thornton Heath, the nearest stations to the hospital site are:
West Croydon: 15 minutes walk
East Croydon: 35 minutes walk

By bus
The hospital is well served by a number of routes including numbers 60, 64, 109, 198, 250 and 289.
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Car parking
We are a busy hospital and do our best to make sure car parking is fair for all, with several car parks for patients and visitors, and others set aside for staff.
There are designated car spaces that are free of charge for drivers or passengers with a disability who display a valid Blue Badge. If the disabled spaces are in use, Blue Badge holders can use other spaces but must pay the hourly car park charges.
Drop-off zones are available near the main entrance, maternity, Woodcroft Road entrance and day surgery. There are also two free 30-minute parking bays behind the Day Surgery Unit (DSU).
All other car parking is charged at the following rates.
0-1 hour       £3.00
1-2 hours     £4.80
2-3 hours     £6.50
3-4 hours     £8.00
4-5 hours    £10.00
5-24 hours  £12.00
Our parking machines accept debit/credit card payments and small change.
Click here for more information on car parking at Croydon University Hospital – including the concessions and special permits available.


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